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Silent Scrum

First step: our agreements.

1 - This is my very first article written in English, so it may look like a toddler's essay.
2 - This is not about silent, nor shy, people doing Scrum. It's about Scrum being silently adopted by an organization. No shouting, no yelling, no "Let's do Scrum!". Just doing scrum, practice first.

Second step: some context.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I've just been hired as an Agile Master on a software development team. The team had some experience with Kanban and developers suffered from what I call Aversion of Scrum.

— Scrum is plastered! It's too much prescriptive. To adopte Scrum, we must change so many things. — They used to say.

— Okay, let´s go along with Kanban.

Third step: the experience.

As a long time Scrum learner, getting prepared for PSM III Exam, I got it as a challenge. Of course, I accepted it. I believed the key for leading this change (adopting Scrum) was to break the cultural barrier (that one I called Aversion of Scrum). And, as I know, it's useless to fight against the culture.

My only option was to cover Scrum artifacts under Kanban practices. And that was really easy.

First, I incrementally added the three Scrum artifacts and its commitments inside Kanban cadences the team used to attend. Then I invited some stakeholders to "beta test" the pieces os software we were building.
Finally, I introduced the team to the Retrospective Meeting, this was the only "gadget" I told them that was brought from Scrum.


Forth step: Epiphany.

Someday, finishing our biweekly Retrospective meeting, I told them: — Congratulations! You've just completed a very well succeeded Sprint. The Sprint Goal was achieved with less work than we planned, which is good. We have an Increment that is fully compliant with the Definition of Done. Stakeholders have had a good experience with the increment and provided valuable feedback for us to achieve the Product Goal. Now, let's put everything together, with the action itens we've just discussed, to the Product Backlog and start the next Sprint on Monday morning, with the Sprint Planning meeting.

They were all in awe. — or should I say: in shock!

Last step: Conclusions.

When I asked to create a Product Vision and a Product Goal, Developers and Product Owner agreed it would be good. There was no resistance. — What if I said it was a prerequisite from Scrum? —
The same goes about asking for some feedback before a Version is Release — Why the heck would I call it Sprint Review?

I never changed the name "Release Candidate" to "Increment", nor "Replenishment" to "Sprint Planning" (even when we made some improvements to add a Weekly Goal). We just evolved what we used to do, incrementally and experimentally. The result was a fully Scrum compliant Kanban.

Inspection, Adaptation and Transparency have been present all along. Developers had already been initiated into empiricism by Kanban practices. My job was just to encourage desirable behaviors, so that they could turn into culture.

Easily, but not quickly, built. No resistance, no conflicts, just a silent adoption of Scrum. There's no need to rename anything or announce changes before they happen. We can do it without fanfare: show the need, explain the benefits, do it. At the end, announce what you've done.

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